Montessori Mirror Shape Puzzle - GG's Children's Boutique
Montessori Mirror Shape Puzzle - GG's Children's Boutique

Montessori Mirror Shape Puzzle

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  • Suitable for 10M and above
  • Watch your child’s eyes light up with delight and recognition as they learn shapes, sights, colors and other sensations with this gorgeous learning toy. With three shaped mirrors that each have their own color effect, your toddler will love to match things up and make them just right
  • Through touching, holding and sorting the colored shapes over the mirrors, your toddler will learn through action as they see which shapes fit where. It builds hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.
  • The soft feel and handy knobs make it easy for your child’s little hands to move and manipulate the pieces with ease. It’s a classic Montessori shape puzzle designed for their tiny fingers.
  • The base is made of wood and the shapes are made of rice material – it’s a sustainable toy all around.
  • Babies and toddlers will stay entertained, seeing themselves in the mirror and recognizing their own delightful expressions as they experience the joy of discovery and problem-solving.

Product Description

Help your child improve their hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and recognition of colors and shapes with this adorable Montessori mirror puzzle. Your little one will stay engaged for long periods of interactive, educational playtime as they discover their inner ability to sort, solve problems and organize their things.

The soft, pleasant-smelling toy will keep your toddler’s attention as they see different color effects in each mirror, which has a matching-shaped puzzle piece. They’ll stay determined to put the right shape in the right place, exploring how things fit and what they look like.

This eco-friendly toy has a wooden base and shapes made of rice material, making it the perfect modern toy for an environmentally-conscious family.

This developmental, educational toy helps your child learn through sensory exploration, determination and a sense of discovery for children ages 10 months and up.